Metalstampi is a company specialized in the design, production and sale of systems for building plasterboard structures.

With over forty years of experience in drywall construction, the company relies for its production on the most advanced technology, including production moulding, laser cutting, steel cold-forming.

The organization of the production processes, which the company manages directly in their manufacturing facilities in Italy, is tailored to guarantee the client products that comply with established standards of quality. It entails monitoring the raw materials, the manufacturing processes including press forming, cutting and cold-forming, the mechanical assembly, and all the packing and shipping operations.

The production of systems for hanging suspended ceilings, marked CE as mandated by law, and the reports on the mechanical resistance tests conducted on the carrier frames by major testing laboratories, entitle the company, with its UNI EN ISO 9001 quality certification system, to guarantee the client a tested and fully commissioned product for the installation of drywall assembly systems.

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Research and development from internal resources only

The research and development of new products takes place entirely within the company, from the preliminary design to the production of the prototypes, all the way to the industrialization of the product.

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100% Made in Italy

The production of each component, and the control of the production cycles take place entirely within our facilities, without using semi-processed materials from outside sources.

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Industrialized production processes

In making our products, our highly-automated production lines guarantee the constant quality of our production in compliance with tests run by independent laboratories; the finished products are inspected on a regular basis to maintain the highest level of quality.

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Independent laboratory testing on the finished product

Periodic testing of the mechanical strength is conducted on the products subject to CE certification according to EN 13964, to guarantee the Client all the necessary updates in compliance with the standards.